Mudskipper Press: One Year Old Today

Is there a term for a young mudskipper?  One year old: it is still a mere baby; an infant; a larva.  That is what Mudskipper Press is: a larva.  One year old today.

It’s been a busy year: 176 blog posts.  Is that really possible?  Plus, two books published.  A football-related detective mystery, Artie Yard and a Very English Pickle, by Donnie Blake; and a selection of travel writing, Easy Come, Easy Go, by E. C. Glendenny.

So, what for the year ahead?  More blogs.  That is a given.  More books?  There is a very good chance.  Watch out for Death on the Oyster Bay Trail, the first in a series of Footpath Mysteries, written by Garnet Beck, due to be published shortly.

Which just leaves The Mudskipper to thank everyone who has followed his blog during this inaugural year, before he returns to the office party, cracks open a cocktail of brine shrimps, washed down with a few choice mosquito larvae.

400 mudskipper birthday


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