The Mudskipper Cinquecento

Cause for a celebration. Mudskipper Press has just published its 500th blog post.

And, during the same time, it has had the pleasure in publishing the following books.

Rowan Edmonds

Young British Slacker
The Probation
The Working Dead

E. C. Glendenny

Easy Come, Easy Go
Easy on the Eyes
Easy Pickings
Resting Easy

Donnie Blake

Artie Yard and a Very English Pickle
Artie Yard and the Bogotá Bracelet

Edmond Rawson

Death in Bora Bora
Cat Flap

Garnet Beck

Death on the Oyster Bay Trail

Simon Turner-Tree

Watching Life Pass Me By
This Pedestrian Life

The Mudskipper looks forward to the next cinquecento.

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