A Nuclear Submarine Shopping List

Watching Vigil?  It’s good, isn’t it?  Tense, claustrophobic, isolating.  And that’s just my living room.  A poky, windowless bubble, cut off from the world for months on end.  Still describing my living room.

A thriller set on a nuclear submarine is always going to be good value.  Add in some top-drawer actors, a twisty script, and a dash of murder, and it is perfect Sunday night BBC entertainment.

There has been much speculation about how accurate is the portrayal of life below decks on a nuclear submarine as portrayed in the programme.  After all, how are any of us to know?  Very few people can have been in the position of actually travelling on a nuclear submarine, and the few that have are probably not allowed to talk about it.

I was intrigued by the ‘no touching’ rule.  It seemed like a rule, which might be easier to enforce on a Scottish nuclear submarine than an Italian one.

Suranne Jones, who plays DCI Amy Silva in the show, was asked to list the essentials she would take on a nuclear submarine with her.  Not allowing people, she opted for a special neck-pillow, some videos of her family, a music play-list, and some exercise equipment.

I thought that my own essentials would be rather different: a spare oxygen tank; a back-up to the spare oxygen tank; the complete box set of Das Boot; and a toilet roll.  Always take a toilet roll with me wherever I am going.  Even if I am only going to the shops to buy more toilet roll.

© Stephanie Snifter

Stephanie Snifter avoids touching even when she’s on dry land.

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