A Word of Introduction

I say a word of introduction, perhaps what I really mean is a word of definition.

Mudskippers are amphibious fish.   That in itself is something of an anomaly.  They are a creature that likes to defy easy classification.  They do not obey the rules.  They do not conform to the tidy desire to be pigeon-holed and so forgotten.  Mudskippers require that extra little bit of thought.  The ultimate individual?  I like to think so.

And mudskippers are survivors.  Although modern-day mudskippers and humans evolved from very distinct and different lineages, nevertheless mudskippers provide an easy imaginative leap for us to picture what it must have been like for our early ancestors, optimistically scrambling out of the Devonian slime.

And those attributes of the mudskipper perhaps best sum up the aims of this blog: optimism; oddity; interest; individuality.  They are talents, which your average mudskipper meets effortlessly; they are character traits, which most humans can only aspire to hopefully.

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