A Companionable Pint in Shepherd Market

Not my usual end of town, Mayfair.  I am very much a creature of habit, particularly where drinking is concerned.  I am a local kind of girl.  And, more often than not, a solitary drinker.  From choice, rather than necessity, let me add.  No need to get the violins out just yet.

However, it is the call of companions, which brings me to Shepherd Market and Ye Grapes.  It is a pub I’ve been in before.  Normally pretty crowded, nevertheless it is usually possible to get a table with a little patience.

Truman’s Blindside is a golden ale, 4.3% ABV.  The pump branded with rugby imagery, it is a limited edition beer, running throughout February and March in celebration of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

It is an excellent beer for being sociable.  It is smooth and very drinkable; tasty without being either over-needy of attention; not forever butting into the conversation.  It is the kind of beer where you are chatting and drinking and chatting and drinking and chatting and… oh, it’s finished.  Whose round?

Normally I can take or leave the rugby season––it was lacrosse at the school I went to––but I would be happy for the Six Nations to last all year if it extended the run of Blindside.

© Beery Sue


Beery Sue scores in Shepherd Market.

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