Cape York Tigers?

You have to be very patient and wait a very long time if you ever want to hear any good news about the thylacine.

However, recent “sightings”––I always use the term loosely when it is associated with thylacines––in the Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland are at least opening up the opportunity for a new scientific study.

Much of the Cape York Peninsula remains largely unstudied and, if any isolated communities of thylacines have been able to exist, undetected, into the twenty-first century, the region provides as likely an environment as any other.

Should the scientists fail to make any authenticated thylacine sightings, the new study may still uncover other species of mammals, which have been considered either extinct from the region or previously unknown.

Exciting times.

© Bradley Dunbar


Bradley Dunbar doesn’t want to get his hopes raised, but he is ever the optimist.

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