When Two Positives Don’t Make a Positive

I like wheat beer.  Hardly needs to be said.  Practically a given.  And I like Haribo Sours.  Indeed, rarely happier than when sucking on a big bag of Tangfastics.  So, working on the theory that two positives make another positive, and by all the laws of mathematics, which govern the universe, I should like a sour wheat beer.  Let me tell you, I do not.

Now, this revelation may knock all Einstein’s theories about the nature of the known universe into a cocked hat, but it is an inescapable fact that bringing together two of my favourite tastes has not resulted in a fusion made in heaven.

In keeping with all good scientific practice, I did not allow myself to be swayed by a single result.  In all experiments, there is the possibility of a rogue outcome.  For me to be convinced of my prejudice, it was necessary for me to try not just one sour wheat beer, but two.  These were Siren Calypso, a dry-hopped Berlin Weisse, 4% ABV, and Redchurch’s Life of Plants, 4.7% ABV.

Siren Calypso had a very light yellow colour, which reflected light like a church window; Life of Plants was murkier, perhaps more befitting of its earthy allusions.  Both left me with the same conclusion: I do not like sour wheat beers.  Just too tart for my palette and, speaking as one tart about another, I feel that I should know.

© Beery Sue



Beery Sue likes to keep her pleasures compartmentalised.

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