The View from the Bottom

Brighton’s i360, branded the world’s thinnest tall building, has been having a few teething problems.

Overlooking the iconic skeletal remains of Brighton’s West Pier, the tower stands 161m high, and when the glass viewing pod reaches its summit it is possible to see over 25 miles along the coastline from Chichester in the west all the way to Bexhill in the east.

brighton tower portrait

Personally, I think the tower looks pretty snazzy from ground level.  I was content simply to crane my neck and marvel at the sleek construction from the shingle beach beneath, or to view its lithe and elegant lines from the relative nadir of the promenade.

At night, the tower transforms into a glowing spaceship; an illuminated doughnut, visible like a fiery beacon along the Sussex coast.

brighton tower night

I am not sure that I would have gained a much better view by taking the pod to the top.  Besides it was misty when I visited and I wouldn’t have seen a thing.

© E. C. Glendenny


Travel writer, E. C. “Easy” Glendenny, doesn’t need to get high.

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