Big Foot in Broome?

The world’s largest dinosaur footprints have recently been discovered in sandstone north of Broome in Western Australia.

The 170cm prints of a huge sauropod dwarf the previous largest tracks, which were discovered in Mongolia.

During the Cretaceous period, the region north of Broome would have been an expansive river delta and, from numerous other tracks discovered in the same area, appears to have been a positive dinosaur super-highway.

The Dampier Peninsula is fast becoming one of the most exciting destinations in the world to discover dinosaur tracks, rivalling Alberta’s Badlands.  The Smithsonian lists some of the other best regions of the world, if you want to go walking with dinosaurs.

However, it is a fragile eco-system, and an influx of tourists into the area to see the dinosaur trails threatens the tracks very existence.

Check out the important scientific, cultural and educational work of the Dinosaur Coast Management Group to preserve this vital prehistoric record.

© Bradley Dunbar


Bradley Dunbar walks in the steps of giants.

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