Bands and their Beers

What is it with bands and their beer?  In the old days, rock bands would be content to just guzzle gallons of the stuff, but now they are turning their hands at producing it too.

Iron Maiden’s Trooper has been smashing sales for years; Wychwood teamed up with Status Quo to produce Piledriver; Maximo Park, Elbow, Kiss, Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Professor Green… they are all in on the act.

In some cases, cruel reviewers have suggested the beers have been the best thing certain bands have ever produced!

A recent ‘mash-up’ has been between Camerons Brewery and Motörhead to produce Röad Crew.

road crew cap

Röad Crew is an American pale ale.  The bottled version is 5% ABV.  It has a very pleasing golden colour like Mikkey Dee’s long flowing locks; an honest passion like Phil Campbell’s lead guitar; and a deep, powerful and memorable appeal like one of Lemmy’s bass riffs.  An Ace of Spades.

I could drink it until my ears bleed.

© Beery Sue


Beery Sue can bang heads with the best of them.

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