May is the Driest Month

Maybe there really is such a thing as zeitgeist?  No, of course there is.  I am confusing it with poltergeist.  Anyway, I had only recently taken the decision to have a dry May, when I read an article, which suggested that many of my fellow Britons are doing the same.  Apparently, a National Statistics lifestyle survey revealed that of 8,000 Brits surveyed just under 60% had had a drink in the previous week, which is the lowest rate since the survey began in 2005.

Traditionally, people are more likely to give up alcohol in January as part of a New Year’s Resolution, but this just seems to make January a more miserable month than it often is.  I have always liked May.  It seems like a month full of the optimism of a warm summer to come.  May could not be significantly spoiled by staying dry.

I want to give up alcohol, but I don’t want to give up pubs.  I enjoy the atmosphere of a pub, regardless of what I am drinking, so I am still maintaining my regular pub hours, only now you are more likely to find me with a pint of lemonade in my hand than a frothing tankard of real ale.

Beneficial health effects?  It is early days.  Perhaps my weight is a pound or two less?  Perhaps there are less bile salts leeching into my skin?  Perhaps my mind is thinking a little bit clearer?

One thing though: the days seem longer.  Or is that just another good thing about May?

© Beery Sue


Beery Sue is determined to get herself into shape.

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