FA Cup Final: Five Goals in Five Haikus

On the occasion of an all London FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Chelsea, I remember five memorable goals scored by London teams in the FA Cup.

Charlie George, 1971

Right foot thunder bolt

Past Clemence; hairy Charlie

Lays down on his back.

Alan Sunderland, 1979

Dribbling Brady run

Far post cross and long leg stretch;

Screaming afro perm.

Ricky Villa, 1981

Memory makes you

Think this run was longer; but he

Beats the same man twice.

Roberto Di Matteo, 1997

Running from his own

Half; Di Matteo has all

The time in the world.

Ray Parlour, 2002

Had a lot to do

Top corner from twenty yards;

Only Ray Parlour.

© Donnie Blake


Donnie Blake counts off his top five Cup Final goals

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