Beery Sue’s Guide to the General Election #3: Scottish Labour

Labour has a problem.  One big problem.  An elephant in the room sized problem.  No, it is not Jeremy Corbyn.  It is Scotland.

During the last sixty years, whenever the Labour Party has formed a government––even when it hasn’t––it has enjoyed a majority in Scotland.  Scotland has 59 constituencies up for grabs and, in the past, Labour would anticipate winning most of them.  That was until 2015.  In that year, the SNP consolidated already significant gains in 2010, with total domination.  Labour was reduced to a single seat, that of Edinburgh South.  Within the span of five years, Scottish Labour had gone from hero to zero; och aye to oh no.

It is not clear how Labour propose to regain Scotland; despite growing mutterings of discontent by the Scottish electorate with the SNP, it is the Scottish Conservatives who look better prepared to pick up disaffected voters north of the border.

The Labour Party will never again gain an outright General Election victory without the backing of Scotland––a tail-wagging-the-dog coalition with the SNP would be the worst of both worlds.

Message to Labour: don’t waste your time fighting the Tories; you have your own Bannockburn to win first.

© Beery Sue


Beery Sue sends out a wake-up call to Labour.

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