Ode to a Library Foot Stool

I spend a lot of time in libraries.

Know every book, on every shelf.

Because when I’m not alone in libraries

I’m left with no one save myself.

400 foot stool 1

It can be lonely outside libraries;

Lonely most other places, true.

But I’m not alone in libraries

When I see how lone are you.

400 foot stool 3.jpg

You are left alone in libraries.

I have rarely seen you used.

You live your whole life inside libraries

Kicked; stood on; and abused.

400 foot stool 2

I’ve no time for you in libraries

Because I’m already close to heaven.

Lost foot stools inside libraries

Are not for those who’re six foot seven.


© Fergus Longfellow


Fergus Longfellow doesn’t need any help reaching the high shelves.

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