The Brexiteer’s Guide to the World #1: 3-Pin Plugs

There is nothing the Brexiteer likes more than the comfort of home but, should he/she be forced to venture abroad it is essential to make sure that as many of those familiar home comforts can be found replicated overseas.

The 3-pin plug

The 3-pin plug is the standard electrical plug used in the United Kingdom.  Under the classification of the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration it is officially known as a Type G plug.  The vital statistics that you need to know are that it has three pins, 13 amps, 220-240 volts, and it is grounded.

Where are you going to find one?

As mentioned, the 3-pin plug can be found throughout the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland but, here’s a thing, it is not the exclusive outlet in either the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, where Type C sockets can also be found.

But where else is it possible to travel in the world and still remain within 3-pin territory?

Well, Gibraltar is a safe bet, as too are the Falkland Islands, and also Cyprus and St Helena.

Then there are countries, which have previously had an historical link to the UK: here it is possible to number Hong Kong and Macau; Singapore; Malaysia; Brunei; Malta; Gambia; Kenya; Malawi; Uganda; and the Seychelles.

There is a clutch of Caribbean islands: Grenada and St Lucia.

Most of the Arabian Peninsula is a happy hunting ground: Saudi Arabia; Dubai; Abu Dhabi; Bahrain; Kuwait; Oman; UAE; and for football fans, looking ahead to the 2022 World Cup, Qatar.

And there is Ireland.

In some other countries, most typically former British dominions, it is often possible to find old vestiges of the 3-pin system, but it is by no means ubiquitous.

So, no need to ever pack an electrical adaptor again while you remain in 3-pin territory.


© The Mudskipper

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