The Brexiteer’s Guide to the World #3: Corrie

There is nothing the Brexiteer likes more than the comfort of home but, should he/she be forced to venture abroad it is essential to make sure that as many of those familiar home comforts can be found replicated overseas.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a national institution.  It was first broadcast in 1960, and now airs five times a week, on ITV, with a regular UK audience of around eight million people.  But where can it be seen in the rest of the world on terrestrial TV?

Where can you watch it?

In Oceania, it is possible to watch Corrie on UKTV in Australia and TV One in New Zealand.

In North America, Canada airs the programme on CBC Television.

The show is simulcast in Ireland on UTV Ireland.

And the Falkland Islands are fortunate enough to be able to pick it up via the British Forces Broadcasting Services.

Satellite channel

The satellite channel ITV Choice has widened access to the programme for those addicted to the soap throughout South Africa; Malta and Cyprus; the UAE and Oman; Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.


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