Beery Sue is Living the British Dream

I’d never heard the term the ‘British Dream’ before Theresa May’s recent speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.  Was it the same thing as the far more ubiquitous American Dream?  Given the two countries disparate national characteristics it didn’t seem likely.

Mrs May’s definition of the ‘British Dream’ appeared to be that of a socially mobile country where it was possible to rise from a position working as a domestic servant to that of being a professor or the Prime Minister; where successive generations were better off than previous ones.  Worthy sentiments, but nothing inspirational; ideas more likely to provoke sleep than fire the somnolent imagination.

So, what is my vision of the ‘British Dream’?  It got me thinking.

Well, beer was always going to feature at some level but, I surprised myself, not to any degree of excess.  My concept of the ‘British Dream’ is a society where the basic standard of living is such that it is possible to purchase a daily pint of beer without it being considered either a luxury or a necessity.  No need to fill a bath-tub or a swimming pool with the stuff; equally, no necessity to live off a diet of Special Brew simply to blot out the horrors of existence.

The ‘British Dream’: the beer standard.

© Beery Sue


Beery Sue has a couple over the ‘British Dream’.

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