Covert Ops at the Pie and Mash Shop

Camera crews at my local luncheon spot.  My celebrity antennae are on high alert.  The sign in the window gives the game away.  Romesh Ranganathan is filming an episode of his BBC Three series Romesh: Talking to Comedians.  I stick around to check out the action.  This is where my investigative journalism training comes into its own.  The ability to blend into my surroundings.  Observe, without being observed.


Following in Romesh’s footsteps.


Nose to the glass in my scrutiny of Rob Beckett.


Almost give the game away laughing at one of Rachel Parris’s jokes.


Making use of the natural cover, watching Sally Phillips from behind the Sarson’s.

© Stephanie Snifter


Celebrity spotter Steph Snifter is not averse to a spot of moonlighting behind the counter.

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