The Quest for a Keyring: Reprise

While it may not be the most noteworthy event of the year (Not even of the day.  Ed.); and despite the fact that when the annals of history are recorded it may not get a mention; nevertheless, I wish it noted for posterity that today I solved my longstanding problem of finding a new keyring.

Avid readers of the Mudskipper blog (A non-existent species. Ed.) will recall that I previously wrote at some length about the trials and tribulations of replacing my old keyring.

Well, finally, I have discovered a keyring, which satisfies both my ergonomic and philosophical dilemmas.

It is reassuringly chunky; conveniently rounded; and appropriately affiliated.  It is the keyring of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), the deity of Pastafarianism.  If there was no better reason to join their religion, their keyring would provide adequate motivation.

400 keyring

So.  Pastafarianism and I.  I would like to say that we go way back but, the fact is, I had never heard of the FSM before I stumbled upon its keyring.  As an entrée into a religion it is not quite up there with divine apparitions and born-again out-of-body experiences, but whatever.  Horses for courses.

Do I believe in Pastafarianism?  Let me just say that I don’t believe in the same things that they don’t believe in.  And, when it comes to organised religion, that represents a fairly close correlation for me.

© Simon Turner-Tree


Simon Turner-Tree believes that if the colander fits, wear it.

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