Mission Impossible #4: COVID-19 Testing Research Study

Well, of course, I couldn’t really end the story there.  There remained one final chapter of my mission to be played out.

The results.

My COVID-19 Home Test box was collected by my cut-out at 3PM on Monday.  For the sake of security, this go-between was a heavily disguised, white-haired elderly man, driving an unmarked, white Laser hire-van.  He initiated the recognised contact protocols:

“Coronavirus?  Mr Taylor-Tea?”

“Turner-Tree.  Yes.”

I handed over the package.  The exchange was complete.

“You stay safe, laddie.”

“Thank you.”

I watched from the concealment of the window as he placed my swab test in the back of his van, before driving off, never to be seen again.  Ships that pass in the night.  It is the way it is between us operatives.

The days passed.  Tuesday.  Wednesday.  Thursday.  There was no word from Mission HQ.  The Secretary was remaining enigmatically silent.

Then at 3PM on Friday, a message popped up in my email Inbox.  It was titled: Your COVID-19 swab test results.

A big bold capital: NEGATIVE.

500 covid test - stt

It was enough.

Mission accomplished.  Agent over and out.

© Simon Turner-Tree


Simon Turner-Tree takes a negative as a positive.

Simon Turner-Tree’s new book, Watching Life Pass Me By, is due out shortly.  Check out some of the books published by Mudskipper Press.

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