Flying Ant Day

In an unpredictable year, it is good to know that there is one constant that you can always rely upon: flying ant day.  Always around about the same time in mid-July, on a decent, warm, sunny day, and when the wind is not too strong, the streets of England are suddenly taken over by an airborne invasion.  Not even a global pandemic can stop the flying ants from swarming in order to find a mate.

Ignoring all social distancing rules and current government advice about restricting the number of individuals who can meet in a group outdoors, the large winged female ants and the smaller winged male ants emerge from their year-long lockdown and take to the air for a nuptial flight.

Unlike the human swarms on Bournemouth beach and those in Soho on a Saturday night, I wish the flying ants well.  Their predictability is reassuring.

© The Mudskipper

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