The Stale Scone Cycle

I am trapped in a cycle of eating stale scones.

The reason why is not because I have a particular gastronomic predilection for stale scones; instead, it is a problem of household management.

Here’s the thing.  I am partial to a regular scone with my cup of tea at 4 o’clock every afternoon, so I always make sure I have a supply in the house.  I tend to buy my groceries in one big shop once a week, and I replenish my store of scones then.  But I never eat the fresh scones I have just bought straight away, because there’s always a few left-over stale ones from the previous week’s shop to eat first and then, by the time I get around to eating the fresh scones they have become stale in their turn, and it is time to go out shopping for fresh ones all over again.

So, why don’t I eat the fresh scones straight away?  Because then the old left-over scones would become so rotten that I’d have to throw them away, and that seems like a waste.

And it’s not just scones.  The same cycle is repeated with potatoes, with apples, with bread, with writing, with ideas.

The new ideas continue to pile up while I attempt to work my way through the backlog of old ideas I have still to write up, but which I am loathe to simply dump.

But, while I write and continue to eat stale scones, I know that I am fortunate, because it is better to have fresh scones on the horizon than not to have any at all.

© Simon Turner-Tree

Everything stops for Simon Turner-Tree.        

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