Paddle Out for Jack O’Neill

Legendary surfing pioneer Jack O’Neill sadly died last month at the age of 94.  His had been an eventful life, from setting up his first surf shop––perhaps the world’s first surf shop––in Ocean Beach, San Francisco in 1952, losing an eye in a boarding accident in 1971, to establishing a global sportswear and clothing brand.

Almost every item of clothing I own is O’Neill.  My first sailing boots were O’Neill.  My rash vest is O’Neill.  My most recent pair of trainers are O’Neill.  The shorts I am wearing are O’Neill.  Jack O’Neill has dressed me for the past decade or more.

This weekend, on Sunday 9 July, sees a worldwide paddle-out of surfers to celebrate Jack O’Neill’s life and achievements.  The paddle-outs are intended to be simultaneous at 11AM Pacific time; 7PM GMT.

The UK event takes place at Great Western Beach, Newquay, Cornwall, meeting at 6:30PM.

Worldwide, paddle-outs will be held in the US, Australia, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, France and South Africa.

The US event takes place from Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz; in the Netherlands from Beach Stadium (Strandweg 4) in Scheveningen; in Belgium from Surfers Paradise, Knokke-Heist; in France from la ville d’Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques); and in South Africa at Jeffreys Bay.

Catch a wave for Jack O’Neill.

© E. C. Glendenny


Travel writer, E. C. “Easy” Glendenny, salutes Jack O’Neill.


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