Seagull-Worm Day

Celebrated annually, although something of a moveable feast, Seagull-Worm Day falls on the Sunday closest to 5 November.  This year, the Day corresponds to 5 November precisely.

5 November is a date more traditionally recognised as Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night, and Seagull-Worm Day is inextricably linked to its more illustrious counterpart.

The rare set of environmental conditions, which are required for Seagull-Worm Day, most commonly occur on the morning after Fireworks Night, namely that a vast crowd of people have tramped over grassy parkland during the previous evening causing the earth to get cut up and muddy.

400 seagulls 1

Perfect conditions for the earthworms to rise to the surface.

Perfect conditions for the seagulls to swoop down en masse to eat them.

400 seagulls 2

I celebrate Seagull-Worm Day by heading down to my local park early on Sunday morning, to enjoy the spectacle of flocks of white Herring Gulls and Black-headed Gulls stretched out across the savannah of grassland, each engaged in a ritualistic rain-dance, stamping one foot in turn on the invigorated soil, waiting for the worms to rise.

© The Mudskipper


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