The Launch of the Mudskipper Remote Places Project and the Mudskipper Micronations Project

Mudskipper Press is delighted to join forces with the author Pepys Blake to launch two new literary projects.

The Mudskipper Remote Places Project (MRPP)

400 mudskipper remote places logo

The MRPP is a fun attempt to make Pepys’ book Will’s Elf the most remotely distributed work of fiction, by sending copies to some of the world’s most isolated island communities.

The Mudskipper Micronations Project (MMP)

400 mudskipper micronations logo

Running synchronous to the MRPP, the MMP hopes to see Will’s Elf become the most widely read novel in the world’s micronations.

Limited edition

400 wills elf

Integral to the project, Pepys Blake has kindly donated a special, numbered edition of Will’s Elf.  Each limited edition copy contains a book plate featuring an illustration by the artist Phi Zikinji, hand-coloured by the author.

400 will

Charting Will’s Elf around the globe

Mudskipper Press plans to chart confirmed ‘arrivals’ of Will’s Elf on a map, and publish any associated reviews or responses on its blog.

Keep connected

If it learns nothing more, the MRPP and MMP should throw a spotlight on the efficiency––or otherwise––of the world’s postal systems.

Keep isolated

While the concept of being ‘remote’ is purely a subjective one, it does appear in an increasingly digitised world that isolationism and individualism are laid siege by the constant threat of conformism.

Mudskipper Press wants to big-up the remote corners and micro-communities, which make our world so special.

© The Mudskipper

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