The Secret of Happiness: Päntsdrunk

The World Happiness Report 2018 recently ranked Finland as the happiest country in the world.  The Report considered many factors in order to reach this conclusion, measuring established benchmarks such as GDP per capita, access to social support, life expectancy, and freedom of choice.

However, the real factor, which meant that Finland topped the happiness charts, was its custom of päntsdrunk.

Päntsdrunk is an anglicised form for the Finnish word kalsarikänni, which broadly translates as drinking at home, on your own, in your underwear.  A recent book, by Finnish journalist Miska Rantanen, describes the practice.

Could päntsdrunk be for me?

Although I am all for solitary drinking, I tend to like to do my solitary drinking in the environment of a pub.  I am sure that the conventions of päntsdrunk could be relaxed a little bit to allow for this personal idiosyncrasy.  Me, alone, in my underwear, drinking in a pub?  It’s making me happy just thinking about it.

© Beery Sue

400 Beery_Sue pants

Beery Sue contemplates what she can wear to get päntsdrunk.


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