The Anti-Vaxxers Who are Keeping me Päntsdrunk

Do you know what I’d like for the New Year?  Just to be able to go back to my local pub and sink a quiet pint without having to think beforehand whether I am breaking any covid restrictions or infringing any social distancing rules.

And who do I blame for preventing me?

Not the government, not the scientific advisors, not the health experts.  No, my ire is directed fair and squarely at all the fart-in-their-trousers anti-vaxxers who by their own selfish actions are restricting everyone else’s freedoms.

While I sympathise with those who cannot have the vaccine for health reasons, I have no time for the misguided libertarians, who believe they are upholding the principle of freedom of choice by not getting vaccinated but who, in reality, are simply following a self-interested political agenda.  Personal liberty stands or falls as a community, not through anti-authoritarian individuals spouting dangerous, ill-informed conspiracy theories.

So, until the hallowed day when everyone can walk into a pub again without having to wear a face-mask; without having to worry about whether it is table-service only; or whether they are the requisite six feet away from their nearest neighbour, I will continue to drink at home, alone, in my underpants. 

Päntsdrunk not Fart-in-my-Trousers.

© Beery Sue

Beery Sue examines her smalls for signs of anti-vaxxers.

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