I Should Coco

It is a hard look to rock.  I’m talking about the toilet paper hanging out of the frock look.  Take my word for it, emerging from numerous pub toilets, it is a look I have––usually unconsciously––sported on several occasions, and it is very seldom that it receives complimentary comments.  Which makes it all the more extraordinary that it should be adopted by a major fashion brand as a way to promote one of their new products.

The product in question is Gabrielle, a new perfume by Chanel, and which features in their TV commercials a scantily clad Kristen Stewart attempting to extricate herself from a particularly sticky toilet-paper-in-frock fiasco.

And the look appears to be catching on.  Donald Trump has now been spotted boarding Air Force One on his way to Minnesota with a thin piece of bog roll attached to his shoe.

A few pints over the No. 5, and the Chance is high that I will also find myself with a loo-paper train, robbing me of my Allure.  Do I care?  I should Coco.

© Beery Sue


Beery Sue often finds herself a victim of fashion.

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