Has Covid Killed the Paparazzi?

Something that has all but vanished since the start of the coronavirus pandemic is the Paparazzi celebrity photograph.

Pictures of Cara Delevingne at Chiltern Firehouse or Harry Styles at Mahiki have been as scarce as social distancing in the Northwest of England.  There have been precious few flashes of supermodels’ commando stumblings out of Annabel’s after a drunken session; and not so many society gatherings or award ceremonies to provide the Paps with their staple fodder.

In fact, there have been so few candid celebrity photos during the past six months that I no longer know if Zayn and Gigi is on or off; who Brooklyn Beckham is currently dating; or whether the Bieber is even still alive or not.

Of course, the origin of the word Paparazzi comes from Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita, where actor Walter Santesso played the role of news photographer Paparazzo, the character itself based on real-life photojournalist Tazio Secchiaroli.

So, what happens to the Paparazzi during a pandemic?  Since most of them are self-employed, they don’t qualify for the government’s furlough scheme.  Are they one of the unseen victims of the virus?

Or are they all just camped outside Amanda Holden’s house hoping to catch a picture of her doing extreme ironing in her garden dressed only in her smalls?

© Stephanie Snifter

Steph Snifter knows how to make an entrance.

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