Beery Sue’s Post-Pub Recipes #3: My Irish Supper

In this Covid year, it has been a long time since I have stumbled in late from a long session in the pub, and just want a quick and easy meal to eat before bedtime.  However, one perennial late-night favourite, which I have adapted to sometimes double-up as Sunday lunch, is My Irish Supper.

Originating no closer to the Emerald Isle than Kentish Town, My Irish Supper consists of three half slices of bread, toasted: one topped with mashed avocado; one topped with scrambled eggs; and one topped with smoked salmon.

So far, so easy.

However, for a genuine My Irish Supper it is essential that the three toppings are presented in the correct order on the plate.  The avocado must be on the left; the scrambled eggs in the centre; and the smoked salmon on the right.  Anything else, is not a My Irish Supper.

Of course, variants proliferate.

I have heard some people talk about My Italian Supper.  It is nothing more than a sunburnt imposter.  I have seen people rotate their dish a full ninety degrees anti-clockwise, add a citrus circle in the centre of the scrambled eggs, and call it My Indian Supper.  It is a travesty on a plate.  I have even seen a similarly rotated variant, which substitutes a kumquat for the citrus circle and calls itself My Nigerien Supper.  Phoneys, one and all.

© Beery Sue

Beery Sue is the genuine article.

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