Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham

When I first heard that Ryan Reynolds was Coming Soon to takeover Wrexham AFC, The Alarmist in me thought that The Proposal sounded like No Good Deed.

Why would this Hollywood superstar want such a Change-Up in his Life and end up Buried in the Deadpool of Wales when he was a Free Guy in the Adventureland of Hollywood?

Was there something Criminal behind the scheme?  Was he receiving a Finder’s Fee, or was this truly a Self/less enterprise with Reynolds the Unlikely Hero?

I didn’t have a Clue, so I consulted The Inn-Laws for their opinion.  They thought Definitely, Maybe.

However, The Captive fans of Wrexham will be delighted by the news.  After years of Waiting, they’ll be hoping this will be a Foolproof way to Turbo charge promotion back into the Football League.

I just hope that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t go the way of so many other North American owners of British football clubs and end up looking a Dick.

© Donnie Blake

Donnie Blake extends an apology to Rob McElhenney for not being so familiar with his own filmography.

Donnie Blake is the author of Artie Yard and a Very English Pickle and Artie Yard and the Bogotá Bracelet.

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