FPL: The De Bruyne Redemption

I know it is the question, which is foremost in all your minds: did I win my workplace Fantasy Premier League?

And the answer is….

Yes!  Yes, yes, amazingly Yes!

The gamble of captaining Kevin De Bruyne paid off, with him scoring the first goal of the afternoon, and a later assist––not to mention a decent bit of assistance from Jamie Vardy, Harry Kane and Vladimir Coufal––and I squeezed to a narrow five-point victory in the last round of matches of the season.

The FPL cup and veste verte are mine for another year.

And for KDB, like at the end of any good trilogy, it is a moment of redemption, after the disappointments of last year, and the anxieties of this.

Is Matt Damon too old now to play KDB in the film adaptations?

© Donnie Blake

Donnie Blake meets with Triumph and Disaster, and treats those two imposters very differently.


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