Dominic Cummings and the Official Secrets Act

It is hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing Dominic Cummings spilling the beans about some aspect of his time working at No. 10, usually to the detriment of all his erstwhile colleagues and to the aggrandisement of himself.  In a recent interview between Cummings and BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg we even learn that we have the former Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister to thank for saving the Queen’s life from a regicidal Boris.

Which begs a question.  Has Dominic Cummings never signed the Official Secrets Act?  Or to be pedantic: has Dominic Cummings never signed documentation to say that he will agree to abide by the restrictions of the Official Secrets Act?

I would have expected it to be a requisite of the job.

I have had to sign the Official Secrets Act myself.  Or to be pedantic: a document that states that I will abide by the restrictions of the Official Secrets Act.

It was when I was aged sixteen, and I was working at a large manufacturing company on a six-week summer job during my school’s summer holidays between taking ‘O’ Levels and returning for ‘A’ Levels.

And the most secret bit of controversial documentation that I ever saw during the entire time that I was working there was the Pirelli Calendar, which hung on the back wall in the post room.

© Simon Turner-Tree

Simon Turner-Tree knows how to keep a secret.

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